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Insurance that makes sense and gives back

The Edmund Andrew Company, an insurance agency built on financial planning and dedicated to giving back.

Now with the dedication of donating 3% of all new insurance premiums and 1% of all renewed insurance premiums to The Ragnar Group Foundation to benefit the amazing first responders that serve our community.

The concept is simple. Get the insurance you need, for a price that doesn't break the bank and help make your community a better place.

How We Do Insurance


Insurance can be an unnecessarily complicated process. There are dozens of agencies that you can go to and even more insurance companies that can serve your needs. So what makes any one different or better for YOU? We believe that working with an agency with its roots in financial planning can make a world of difference when choosing the right amount and type of coverage. For far too long the insurance purchase process has been geared towards benefiting the agent that sells the policy and not towards what makes the most sense for you, the client. We are aiming to change that. You should know all of your options and which product benefits you the most, not the agent. 

Did you know....

* Your insurance agent is compensated based on the amount of premium they sell? The result is that the agent is financial motivated to sell you more insurance than you may need. The more they sell the more they make.

* Your insurance agent may be "captive?" This means they are only allowed to offer products from one company. Companies like GEICO and State Farm only allow their agents to sell approved products offered by the home office. The result is you may very well be missing out on important coverages or may be paying too much for insurance that you could get from another carrier. The worst part is your agent may not even be allowed to let you know about these products. 

* Insurance is an important part of the financial planning process. Not protecting important assets, such as your home, or not having enough protection from potential liabilities can have a drastic effect on your ability to be financially secure in the future. Did you know, unless also licensed in the financial advisor capacity your agent may not be qualified to discuss how your insurance purchase may leave you financially liable to potential exposures?

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