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Dedicated to Making our community a better place
The Ragnar Group Foundation

        The Edmund Andrew Company's parent company The Ragnar Group Inc. is dedicated to giving back to our local community through their charitable foundation The Ragnar Group Foundation. A foundation dedicated to providing funding to our community first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMTs). We believe that these find men and women are the backbone of our community and are often overlooked and under appreciated. With recent calls to defund these fine organization we believe that private organizations have the obligation to step up and support the people that are always the first to help us when we are in need.

        The way it works is simple. The Ragnar Group Foundation is a private charitable foundation meaning we do not solicit donation from the general public and instead raise all funds through our business activities, specifically through The Edmund Andrew Company. Our stance is a simple one, nobody truly enjoys shopping or buying insurance, including us. Insurance however is a necessity and is sometimes legally required. Doesn't it make sense to use these dollars we are forced to spend on supporting these fine men and woman that represent our community first responders?

        The Ragnar Group Foundation raises money through the purchase of your insurance products sold by The Edmund Andrew Company. We will be donating 3% of all first year premiums and 1% of all renewed premiums to The Ragnar Group Foundation. Each year 10% of these funds will be directly donated to existing 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to the support of our local Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMTs. Another 10% will be distributed in the form of scholarships to the children of first responders seeking higher education.

Auto Annual Premium:                                                                   $1,000
Homeowners Annual Premium:                                               $2,000
Business Owners Annual Premium:                                        $2,000
Total Annual Premiums:                                                                $5,000
If you love your policy and do not want to switch carriers and we cannot beat your current premium OR become the agent of record on your existing policy we will donate $25 just for shopping your policy with us.
Donation Year 1:                                             $150
Donation Year 2+:                                           $50
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